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Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

Amelia and I at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas PartySo it’s not much of a secret that we go to Disney World a lot. Considering we live right next door and have annual passes (including to the waterparks), it only makes sense to hang out there. When you live next to Disney World, the best times to go are in the evenings. You can schedule a few FastPasses in advance for some attractions you haven’t done in a while, head out after school or on a weekend evening after the afternoon crowds have died down and the Florida heat has subsided, and spend three or four hours at a park. Yvonne and I may also sometimes go to Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon during the daytime when the kids are in school to float around in the lazy river for a while and plan for our next few weeks.

A few days before Thanksgiving, Yvonne, Amelia and I went to the Magic Kingdom for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. I hadn’t done it before so I wasn’t sure quite what to expect. It is rather expensive, but since we’re living in the area, we may as well take advantage of it!

Yvonne and Amelia had attended Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party a few weeks before, in October, which is of a similar vein. And at the Halloween party, many guests had dressed up in Halloween costumes. So we figured that for the Christmas party, many people would do the same thing. Not so. We were some of the few people who dressed up for the event! Fortunately, it wasn’t embarrassing or anything – we did stand out, but it was a good thing! They were Santa Claus dresses, and I had two crocheted Mickey Mouse ornaments on my hat that Amelia and Yvonne crafted.

It turned out to be pretty fun. There were various stands with Christmas treats including cookies (gingerbread, sugar, snickerdoodle, and mint chip), hot chocolate, eggnog, chocolate milk, Dove chocolates, hot pretzels, and shaved ice. There were also many different Disney characters in attendance to take pictures with, including some rare ones – Scrooge McDuck and Peter Pan, for example. And the characters were of course dressed up in holiday attire.

Considering its cost, it’s not something I would do every year, but we had an entertaining evening. I find the best way to have fun at a Disney park (or anywhere, for that matter) is to take advantage of what’s there and have fun. Don’t worry too much about expectations or if things aren’t going entirely smoothly. Just embrace it!

Peter Pan at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

Blurry iPhone shot of meeting Peter Pan at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party.

Interesting digital background at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

The way they made the background for this photo was very interesting. A guy walked behind us with a stick of flashing LED lights that created the effect.

Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

Me looking suave with Minnie and Daisy.

Santa Goofy at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

Yvonne with Santa Goofy. Should I be concerned…?

Scrooge McDuck at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

Me and Scrooge McDuck in holiday attire. I was hoping he’d invite me to come swim in his money bin.

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snow in the mountains

as I mentioned in my last post, we spent Christmas in Johnson City, Tennessee, with Yvonne’s older brother Robert and his roommate Gerry. One of the best parts about spending Christmas there was that we got to experience the great snowpocalypse of 2010, or whatever they’ve been calling it up north… in Johnson City we received but a few inches of the stuff. Regardless, it was pretty fun! Here are some pictures from the long weekend:

me being excellent, as always.

Brian in the snow

a snow-covered street, and a snow-covered family truckster.

Johnson City snow

Mia making snow angels. You can tell by her expression that she is really enjoying it.

Mia making a snow angel

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Christmas in Tennessee

we’re in Johnson City, Tennessee, visiting with Yvonne’s brother Robert and his roommate Gerry. It’s a five and a half hour drive from Charleston, all of which is along Highway 26 and most of which is through the good ol’ flatlands of South Carolina; near the end, however, it becomes hilly for a drive through Asheville and ending up heading north into the northeastern corner of Tennessee.

it’s been great so far, visiting with Yvonne’s family, and Robert (who is a meteorologist for a local TV station here in Johnson City) predicts snow for Christmas day, which will be nice. The family gets very excited about snow! I’m happy with snow, though considering growing up in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa I spent about half my life with snow on the ground, I’m not quite as excited as the Texas natives.

this evening we opened our “family and friends” presents, while tomorrow, if we’ve been nice, Santa Claus will be dropping by. I heard a rumor that Santa is going to be delivering Callum a present that will blow his little mind. His dad might also get to play with it.

so Merry Christmas to all, and Happy New Year as well! And I’ll leave you with a photo of the present Amelia made me for Christmas – a way far out coloring of James, from Thomas the Tank Engine!

James from Thomas the Tank Engine

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