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I am a sad individual

I can’t help it. I really like BMW 3 series coupes. I’m not a yuppie and I’m not TERRIBLY image conscious (maybe just a bit). But basically these cars are really really fun to drive and I really like them!! AND they just got a facelift that I think is quite sporty and nice and now I want one even more than before! Chris Bangle (the head designer at BMW) has lately created what a lot of BMW fans feel are bad designs (see the new 7 series for the prime example). But I personally think this one looks quite sporty and has headlight clusters that will nicely complement the new 5 series that is due out next year.

here are some pictures of the facelift in case you are interested:

one, two, three (the convertible) and four (also the convertible).

in case you are not aware of it (most people are because I talk about cars all the damn time and probably drive most of you up the wall), we almost purchased one of these cars earlier this year (a 2002 titanium silver 325Ci). We ordered it, paid $1000 down, and were awaiting its production in Munich when the dealer (Rick Hendrick BMW) called us up and demanded $500 extra dollars (for no reason). Since we thought this was utter BS, we called off the deal – but I still really want the car. The time is no longer right to buy a new car, but one day – oh yes – it shall be mine!!

thanks for listening – I’ll shut up about cars for a while –

2 thoughts on “I am a sad individual

  • Dude, I’ve known you were into cars since the days of Lance and… forgive me if I have forgotten the other characters’ names. 🙂

    The cars were always more details than the people! 🙂

  • Personally? I lust after the BMW M5, and my true fave, the Audi S8 (though that can only be purchased in Europe).


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