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update on life

I haven’t posted in a while so I thought I’d make an update concerning my current haps.

lately, I have been:

1) studying Chinese (Mandarin)
2) studying German (to a lesser extent)
3) studying for the GMAT (ugh)
4) wheeling and dealing (taking care of investments)
5) writing my latest story
6) procrastinating at fixing my computer (I need to reinstall my OS)
7) working at MUSC; still having a good time learning new things (like using SOAP)
8) watching all the X-Files episodes in a row (thanks to tofu‘s set of DVDs – I’m up to season 6)
9) getting ready for YOU KNOW WHO to arrive
10) not playing any computer games at all (see #6 – though actually it’s a positive thing)
11) working out at the MUSC gym or rollerblading around the neighborhood
12) doing more cooking (the other day I cooked an awesome eggplant/zucchini casserole)
13) hanging with Linux (our dog)
14) sleeping more; though I seem to be doing a lot more studying with my time (at least an hour a day) I find that I’ve been sleeping more, and it helps out a whole lot
16) cleaning my home office. This has been going on for about 3 months now and it’s still in a state of total disarray
17) reading the book “The 70 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time”.

well that’s about it – other than that, no real news!

20. Jan, 2003


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