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peanut butter sandwich

things have been pretty good lately. Things were difficult for a while – both Yvonne and I were quite sick, and Callum came down with it too – it’s hard to take care of a sick baby when you’re both sick. Fortunately my mom came down from Canada for my sister’s graduation and to help out with the baby for a while. She certainly had a knack with Callum – I suppose caring for a baby is something you don’t forget.

Callum himself is growing quite nicely. He really loves to be sung to, so we do that quite often. He also loves it when you read books to him – he starts gurgling and cooing along with the words. We’ve been getting the knack of parenting – taking care of him, changing dirty diapers without getting peed on and giving him the occasional bath.

otherwise things are going well. Work is going great as always and at home when I find a bit of time I’ve been working on a new story that I’ve been writing. The other day a friend came over and we barbequed some awesome steaks and accompanied them with some baked beans and saffron rice (and some Sun Chips to boot)! We’ll definitely have to do that again sometime soon. I still practice Chinese for 45 minutes every day and I’m quite pleased with the results so far. This weekend is a long weekend, and as we were much too sick on Yvonne’s birthday and Mother’s Day to do anything worthwhile, we’re going to celebrate both those occasions “for real” this weekend.

that’s all for now – more later.

One thought on “peanut butter sandwich

  • He’s absolutely adorable! Growing like a weed, I see. And I see you made the obligatory blackmail picture of bathtime to show future girlfriends. Good job, dad 😉 *grin*


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