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so baby has been learning to eat solid foods. This has been going quite well. Right away he mastered two out of the three steps involved with eating, as follows:

1) I bring the spoon full of rice cereal (aka mush) to his mouth. He opens his mouth wide. Good!

2) Callum lets me put the spoon in his mouth and then closes it so that I can pull out the spoon, minus food. Also good!

3) Callum opens his mouth again, then sticks his hand inside his mouth and starts playing with the food while it’s inside his mouth. Not so good!

in other news, a bunch of us got blingin’ new 19″ flatpanel monitors at work, plus four new computers to play with. I’ve been installing Debian on one of the new computers while tweaking some e-commerce code that I’ve been working on on another computer. Our office, once cluttered with monitors and CPUs, now looks like a barren room in comparison. So things are good.

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