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watch Kitten Cam! They’re getting a checkup at the Vet today so you will have to wait ’til later to catch them. Until then you can stare at a couple of empty bowls if you so wish.

today we had a going away lunch at work – for me! We went to Sakyo in Mt. Pleasant and had some sushi and some excellent Japanese food. Tomorrow is my last day here at the IT Lab. On Friday I’ll be in Columbia at the University of South Carolina for orientation, and classes will start the following Monday.

Callum is doing really well – here he is at the beach (Isle of Palms). He has become quite the little man – talking and singing and walking all over the place (he refuses to crawl anymore). He is quite a handful to say the least! A few seconds after this picture was taken Callum crouched down, picked up a big handful of wet sand, and put it in his mouth. Tasty.

the other day I lay down on the grass beside our house, right next to the Carolina Jasmine I planted a couple of years ago. I lay there for a while, feeling the breeze waft over me, smelling the perfume from the flowers (which are extremely fragrant this time of year) and relaxing. It was nice – I highly recommend it. Just find yourself a nice Carolina Jasmine plant and lay down on the grass downwind of it. You won’t be disappointed. Unless somebody walks by and steps on you.

today I’m going to steam clean the carpets. Yesterday I painted a few doors. We have rented out our house to an elderly lady who seems very nice. She will be moving in at the end of the month, so I’m fixing up the house a bit in preparation for her arrival. I’m definitely going to miss our decently-sized house while living in a tiny apartment at school but I am glad that it will be in good hands.

if you see any candy-apple green hoopties with phat dubs on them be sure to take a few pictures and send them our way. IT Lab Minds to know.

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  • glad to read your post. i have been wondering where you were! best wishes to you and your family as you move to columbia. i personally love charleston more than any other place in the world, but, columbia is very nice as well. and, thanks for sharing a picture of your son! i know how proud you and your wife are of him.

  • Heh, he’s got such a head of hair on him. Awesome stuff. Looks like he’s having fun, and doing well, which is cool.

  • remember, now that you have been set free, use your BFD wisely. If not, great destruction will occur. Also, overrun is bad!

  • And remember blog! Freakin blog like there is no tomorrow!!!!


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