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tea and coincidences

funny coincidence yesterday – I went to the DMV (my favorite place, and yours too!) to get my driver’s license renewed. It turns out that the lady behind the counter shared the same birthday as me – not just the month and day, but the year as well. I’ve met people who have shared my birthday but I think that this is the first time (at least since that day I met those guys in the nursery during my brief stint at Lachine General Hospital the day I was born) that I have met someone who shares the year as well. Pretty neat.

also, I have been drinking a goodly amount of green tea lately, and I really like it! I’ll make a 6 cup portion and store it in the fridge and drink green tea instead of sodas where I can. Here’s the recipe I use, you might wish to try it too:

6 cups of filtered water
2 tablespoons of pure Canadian maple syrup (not “pancake syrup”)
1 tablespoon of pure honey
some green tea leaves (not teabags) in a little filter cage

I boil the water in a pot, put the tea and filter cage into the pot, let it brew for 3 minutes and then add the maple syrup and honey. It is very good!

9 thoughts on “tea and coincidences

  • I never woulda thought to add maple syrup to tea. Sounds very soothing.

  • I’m viciously addicted to Arizona Green Tea, but the home-made version sounds better. I will have to make up a batch.

    Oh, and Happy Birthday!


  • The DMV is a mysterious place.

    You’re getting your license renewed *again*?

  • Fogey

    Are you at the point where you call women your age “ladies”?


  • Hey man, it’s Ryan…I meant to add you after we hung out with Emilie and the others, I kinda forgot, but I did it now.

    Happy belated birthday. Mine is January the 17th.



  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday!

    Hey! It’s Christina! I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday!! =)


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