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I have created a new community, Active Lifestyle. A lot of people have been posting their walking and fitness regimens, and I believe that doing so serves as a fantastic motivator for a self and for others.

I plan to post about the rehabilitation of my (hopefully recently solved) back problems – I’m starting slowly, but I plan to get back into shape very soon, something I’ve been largely unable to do for the past year and a half. I also plan to log entries according to the Tolkien Fitness Challenge, which I believe is a great way to track your mileage in a fun and interesting way. I’m looking forward to tracking my progress.

if anyone is interested in joining this community, please feel free to request membership, and I’d be glad to add you to it. I’m always interested in finding out about how others are getting fit and enjoying life.

Note: this community is no longer relevant now that this blog is no longer on LiveJournal…

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