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running when you aren’t even being chased

For the past few years I’ve been running for exercise. I try to get out there every day, or at least every second day… and failing that, I make it a go to run at least more days during the week than I don’t. I find it helps to keep me alert during the daytime.

September marks our third month staying in the south of Spain, and while we’ve been staying here I’ve been taking my runs down to the seaside at Isla Plana. Well, the other day, Yvonne found an even better location to run (she’s been running, too) – and it’s also a great place to take the kids for an evening walk. Apparently, there is a really nice walking/running/biking path between Isla Plana (where we are) and La Azohía, the neighboring town along the coast to the east. The path runs between the beaches of the Mediterranean and the desert-like landscape common to this part of Spain. Murcia, while not as hot as some places, does not have much precipitation… we’ve been here since June and have only felt a few drops of rain (I remember that day well… I think it might have been two Thursdays ago). Apparently most of the region’s precipitation falls during several days of the year.

Anyway, I took a few pictures of the new running spot with my phone, and here they are. I guess I should probably try to take more before we leave this place, since I only took the pictures from one spot (near where I started my run), but I didn’t feel like running around with my phone in my pocket!

Running trail
The running trail between Isla Plana to La Azohía
The other side of the running path… not much there, other than some “reverse greenhouses”
Costa Cálida
This is the view of the coast when you don’t have those orange signs in the way

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