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some news from my mom:

The Renfrew bypass Dad was on
When a sharp curve he came upon,
The road was wet, sharp was the curve
The jeep began to weave and swerve.

Dad turned the wheel to gain control
The jeep spun ’round and did a roll,
The roof of the jeep it hit the ground
Leaving poor Dad hanging upside down.

Not a single scratch did he sustain
The jeep its fate was not the same
A crushed in roof, a dented door
Smashed windows, torn wheels, its condition poor.

So “farewell jeep” you’ve served us well
In car heaven we hope you dwell,
And now we travel wide and far
Searching for another car!

7 thoughts on “yikes

  • Glad to hear your dad is doing well. Your mom still cracks me up. 🙂 I love her.

  • eeee! I’m glad he’s ok! Merlin did the same thing in his jeep once. yai.

  • Yay seatbelts. Glad he did not get hurt.

    My brother and mother both had this happen to them (my brother was a passenger in a friend’s Ford Explorer and my mother flipped her Honda Civic), both had belts on and both escaped unscathed. My grandmother drove my mother to get stuff out of the car where it was towed and when she saw the damage it got her to use her seatbelt (something she did not do for decades and decades).


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