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bead curtains and lava lamps

so I know I said I’d never ever get one, and I’m probably going to lose all my cool points for this (at least whatever cool points I have left), but the other day we bought at 2008 Honda Odyssey!

the Odyssey primed and ready for some heavy duty grocery getting

it is going to be Yvonne’s daily driver. We spent a good deal of time looking into SUVs and also larger sedans, but the third row seat in most SUVs seemed pretty unsafe (too close to the liftgate), and in the end the van was what Yvonne really wanted! I practically had to force her to try it at first, but once she did, she loved the visibility, the smooth ride, and the higher vantage point it offers. Plus, there’s a little camera at the back that shows you what’s behind the van when you’re backing up, which is great when you live in a neighborhood full of kids.

soccer mom-mobile-in-training

though at first I had my reservations about cruising town in a van, in reality, the Odyssey is pretty pimpin’, with a leather interior, sunroof, three-zone climate control, heated seats, XM radio, and airbags a’plenty. Plus it drives like a car – it’s not truck-like at all. So I’m very pleased that my family will be zipping around San Antonio in something so safe and easy to drive. Suburban lifestyle ftw!

6 thoughts on “bead curtains and lava lamps

  • Awesome, congratulations! 🙂 What decided you in favor of the Honda in the Great Sienna-vs-Odyssey Debate?

  • You know, I almost hate to say it but I LOVE my minivan 🙂 We spent a few months looking over SUVs as well and were pretty much ‘ugh’ about the safety of their third row seats – when they even had anything that could legitimately be called a third row seat 😉 Some of them were just way too big and I always felt like I was floating above the road. I have a Caravan currently and gosh – I <3 it. The ride, the handling, the ability to see around me :) So while I may have lost cool points (the kick ass stereo ain't shabby though!), I really am so happy with a minivan :)

  • If you ever feel less than bad-ass driving around in a minivan, just watch “The Big Hit”. That will add your minivan confidence back in a heartbeat.

  • Blackthorn tells you: jesus the weepable day when car line conversation turns to kid car seats

    Anyway, I commend you for just sucking it up and getting the mini-van unlike many that fool themselves and get SUVs. I think just the sliding doors on both sides rock SUVs and make it the much better option when people decide they need more space. Those that get SUVs should just stop fooling themselves (unless they have real 4×4 needs). Especially guys that can’t see themselves with a mini-van but its the woman that will be driving it 95% of the time anyway. Suck it up and every now and then drive the mini-van to Home Depot when you need to haul something home.


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