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what’s been up?

I haven’t posted in a while, so here is a brief Q&A, initiated by myself, to answer those questions that haven’t been asked!

where are you living? We’re back in Charleston, SC.

where are you working? At Blackbaud, as a program manager.

how’s the family? They are great! Callum is now 5, and Mia is 3.

are you on Facebook? Yes, you can find my profile here.

have you been using Twitter? Yes, here (and on here).

have you been gaming? I am still playing some World of Warcraft, though not much… in fact, my main character has still not yet reached level 80!

then what have you been doing in your spare time, if not cranking those levels? I’ve been writing, and also creating music. And some studying.

what kind of music? The stuff I’m working on ranges from some more serious minimal techno to melodic club music with a purposefully high cheese factor.

can I hear some of your music? Yes, here is an example, though as a caveat I must mention that I still have a lot of work to do on the leveling and EQ. It sounds a bit muddy, and there’s too much sound bouncing back and forth.

so what’s the big news of today? My sister is having a baby, right now!

6 thoughts on “what’s been up?

  • You had another kid? Jeez you’re a busy bee.

    EDIT: I forgot I read about the adoption. How do you all move so much? I’d be going crazy.

    • I don’t think they ever unpack. 😉

      Brian, if ever I needed a reminder of your awesomeness, YOU’RE A MOOCOW WARRIOR. I love Taurens. 🙂

      My rogue is 74. My priest is 71. It’s too pretty outside to play much.

  • Wow. Congrats to Linda! How exciting. We’re waiting to hear my cousin’s news. She’s having her baby OMG-right now too!


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