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gluten-free rice cake pizzas

while Callum and I spent some time outside doing a little gardening, Yvonne and Amelia made some gluten-free rice cake pizzas. At first I was a bit dubious about how good they might be, because to be honest, I’m not normally a big fan of rice cakes. I find them dry and relatively tasteless, and I’m not big on their texture. But these rice cake pizzas actually turned out to be pretty good.

here are the ingredients:

  • Gluten-free rice cakes (some rice cakes may contain gluten)
  • Roquefort cheese
  • Emmenthal (Swiss) cheese
  • Cooked chicken
  • Tomatoes
  • Tomato paste (this variety was tomato-nut-pesto flavored)

to prepare the pizzas, Yvonne and Amelia sliced the tomatoes and cut the already-cooked chicken into chunks. They spread the tomato paste onto the rice cakes, added the chicken and the Roquefort, and then placed a slice of tomato on top. On top of that, they added the Emmenthal cheese and then cooked the pizzas in the oven at 180 degrees Celcius (about 350 degrees Fahrenheit) for 10 minutes.

not bad!

Gluten-free rice cake pizzas
Amelia and her creation

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