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I’m going to wax poetic about our kitchen faucet.

Our old faucet failed a week ago (FYI, when faucets fail, they tend to fail in epic fashion). So we needed a new one. While investigating different faucets, we found several that you can touch to turn on and off. They were a little more expensive than the other ones, so at first we glossed over them, but then we realized – we are constantly turning on and off the kitchen faucet with food-covered hands. Like, every single day. So we ended up buying one. And I have to admit, I am really digging it – you can tap the faucet with your forearm or the back of your hand to activate it, and not have to worry about getting food all over the handle.

So, anyway, yeah. I’m excited about my kitchen faucet. That must be a grown-up thing.

A touch-to-activate kitchen faucet

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