Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail

On Christmas Eve the family and I went to Disney Springs to check out the Christmas Tree Trail. This is a path with different Christmas trees decorated in the theme of various Walt Disney characters or movies. I was going to take a few pictures of the various trees along the trail, but really, it’s more fun to see them in person, so I didn’t. However, I did take a few pictures of us.

Brian Crawford and the Peter Pan Christmas tree
Me in front of the Peter Pan Christmas tree.
Disney Villains Christmas tree
Yvonne and me in front of the Disney Villains tree, trying to look villainous. I think we failed.
Disney Christmas Tree Trail
Me and the Sleeping Beauty Christmas tree.
LEGO Friends at Disney Springs
Me on the bench with LEGO Friends. So player.

And, just because I went on a Christmas Day walk in Celebration…

Celebration, Florida snowfall
The snowfall (actually soapfall) in Celebration.
Celebration, Florida lake at night
A view of Celebration from across the lake.

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