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Convent of Saint Agnes of Bohemia

Today some friends and I visited the Convent of Saint Agnes of Bohemia. The building itself was founded around 1231, while the art gallery within it contains medieval and very early Renaissance art spanning from the late 1200s until the early 1400s. Nearly all of the art (or maybe all of it?) came from various places in the Czech Republic and was of a religious nature. Many of the more impressive works were behind glass or otherwise didn’t photograph well, and of course photographs fail to capture what it’s like to be up close and personal with art, but it was still fun to take a few photos of the aesthetics I found most interesting.

This painting was interesting because of whatever that is the lady is holding. The description for this painting was missing.

The interesting part of this painting is the shield the man is holding. Supposedly it is a shield of Medusa’s head.

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