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so I’m back in Canada. No snow here yet, but it’s coming! Probably this weekend!

earlier today I managed to complete NaNoWriMo; I hit 50k words on my novel sometime this afternoon. I’m very pleased! It was not an easy feat to write 50k words in a single month, especially with finishing work in Dublin, packing up the house, taking a boat from Ireland to France, spending 10 days in Clermont-Ferrand and then flying back to Montreal. But I managed it, with lots of support from my family, Dragon Well tea, and a peaceful view over the lake from my chosen writing room. My wife also wrote 50k words this November, winning NaNoWriMo a week or so ago. It’s been a writing sort of month!

I’m pretty pleased with what I’ve written thus far; big chunks of it I have already stashed into a file full of stuff that I knew even while writing it wouldn’t make the cut, and I’m still struggling with showing rather than telling (writing in an active rather than a passive voice), but for a month’s worth of writing for the sake of writing I’ve appreciated the experience. I think it’s worth continuing and seeing where it goes; the novel itself, as planned at least, is nowhere near completed. And I didn’t even have to add any random ninja or pirate attacks to use as filler! Though now that I think about it…

otherwise, things are great, the family is great, and I’m great, so that’s great!

01. Dec, 2006


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