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  • I have been playing a little (but not too much) World of Warcraft, on the Illidan server
  • I finished the last Harry Potter book
  • I watched (over the course of several weeks of date nights) Ratatouille, the latest Harry Potter movie and the Transformers movie with Yvonne; the Harry Potter movie was on IMAX and had 20 minutes of 3D, which was cool! The Transformers movie was pretty good – an all-out, everything-gets-destroyed CGI-fest from start to finish
  • I have been writing and attending a local critiquing group (for the San Antonio Writers Guild)
  • I have been getting in touch with old high school (and even elementary school) friends on Facebook – it’s been quite a trip down memory lane
  • my allergies say: “Texas is full of allergens”
  • it’s been raining almost non-stop here in San Antonio, but at least our grass looks great!

7 thoughts on “random updates

  • You should be playing Fiesta with us! sign up for the beta.

  • Ahhh Texas Allergans… there are only two words to say:

    Mountain Cedar.

    HELL it is HELL.

    • I’d better not go into too many details in case I spoiler people – but I did like the book. They did seem to do a whole lot during this one novel, it was a bit of an epic even in itself!

  • Boo Illidan!

    So good to hear from you. When do we get more pics of the family?

    • what server do you play on? I’ll have to post some more pictures soon!


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