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take a hike

this afternoon I went for a 3 or 4 kilometer hike at Silent Lake Provincial Park, which is located 2 or 3 miles from our new place. I had a really nice walk; the weather was beautiful, the forest smelled crisp in that certain way that only a forest in autumn can smell, and when the wind whistled through the branches of the trees above me I would soon be showered with red and yellow leaves. Even better, I was the only person on the trail that I knew of – it was me, some white tailed deer, and some chipmunks. The park comprises the entirety of Silent Lake itself, so when you’re looking out upon the water you won’t see any dwellings or motorized vehicles. It’s really quite nice.

I took a few pictures (that naturally don’t do the reality justice, yet here they are):

Silent Lake from the beach
A marshy pond along the trail
A view of the trail itself, while walking along it
A beaver dam (note the difference in the water level before and behind it – the water reaches the top of the dam)

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