almost winter in Normandy

the reason I say almost winter in Normandy is because technically winter doesn’t start until December 21st. I always get zinged by this, because it gets so wintry here in France much earlier than December 21st, and even more so where I’m from in Canada.

today is definitely one of those pretty-much-wintry days… there’s a light frost on the ground, which is beautiful to look at, and the pastures near where we live are glistening and white. If you dress warmly it’s a great day to take a walk in the sunshine, which makes the grounds sparkle, but isn’t quite strong enough to melt the frost covering the ground.

here are a few pictures that I took of frosty mornings in France (with my iPhone, so the quality might not be all there).

A river through the farmland
A tiny river through the farmland beside our house
Fencepost and frosted fields
A fencepost beside our driveway
Frost-covered fields in the morning
Frost-covered fields in the morning
A statue in Saint-James
A statue in the town of Saint-James, overlooking the countryside

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